artemia package salt lake city utah


I’ve done a lot of labels for the Great Salt Lake brine shrimp industry. This product is different from all…

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sand ad package salt lake city utah

Jurassic Sands

These ads are catalog sheets, so they have more information than a consumer ad. We’re showing two of the company’s…

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cd case salt lake city utah


Marlene and Hank had some photos and budget for two colors. Sometimes it’s the restrictions that make designing fun.

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medical insurance claimsaver package salt lake city utah


Software that helps medical care providers prepare claims for insurance companies. I worry about the name “ClaimSaver,” but at least they…

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jackie chan xtragreen tea package salt lake city utah

XtraGreen Tea

Two products, each in four flavors. This was done on a shoestring. The client did rough photography in his living room,…

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