coyote logo salt lake city utah

Fred Coyote

Mr. Coyote is more than an author; he’s a brand. The playful trickster is as important to his message as…

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optics logo salt lake city utah


This company makes lenses that filter a form of light that regulates our circadian rhythms, allowing shift workers to be…

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crew oar logo salt lake city utah

Utah Crew

Crew—it’s the sport where a bunch of Ivy-Leaguers with massive shoulders in a skinny boat carve a channel through the water.…

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casino logo Salt Lake City Utah

Island Casino

I admit, I did work for an online casino. But I haven’t done anything for cigarette manufacturers, Kim Jong-un or…

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inventor logo salt lake city utah

Right Brain

Invented for an inventor. If you’ve got a square peg that needs to go into a round hole, I’ve got the…

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photographer welder logo salt lake city utah

Chase Studios

Photographer, welder, and whatever else he becomes at a moment’s notice, Andrew Chase is a clever guy, for whom one…

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massage body work logo salt lake city utah


Massage and body work. In addition to the round logo mark, I concocted the lettering style to further promote the…

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cardiology logo salt lake city utah


Heartwise is a cardiology clinic in California that promotes diet and exercise toward their goal of longevity, represented by the…

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think tank logo salt lake city utah

Institute 3

A think tank/consulting group that helps corporations to be better citizens, to everyone’s benefit. The mark illustrates the name, and…

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band logo salt lake city utah


“Just a Bunch of Old Men” is, well, exactly that—but also a classic rock band that at one point had a keyboard/trumpet/cowbell/vocalist…

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instant tea logo salt lake city utah

Tea Tech

This product uses a proprietary process to extract the flavor and antioxidants from green tea without the use of chemicals.…

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montana logo salt lake city utah

Blaine Creek

What started off as a symbol for a Montana vacation home has increased its duties by also representing a fine…

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healing sensory logo salt lake city utah


This company takes existing technologies that help heal on all sensory levels and puts them together in environments such as…

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sport logo salt lake city utah

USA Skeleton

A national sports federation: these are the guys that fly down a bobsled track face-first on something with all the…

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adventure game logo salt lake city utah

Lost Isles

Representing an online fantasy game, the logo employs custom-designed calligraphy and watercolors in the sword. The game was 80% done…

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