adventure game logo salt lake city utah

Lost Isles

Representing an online fantasy game, the logo employs custom-designed calligraphy and watercolors in the sword. The game was 80% done…

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band logo salt lake city utah


“Just a Bunch of Old Men” is, well, exactly that—but also a classic rock band that at one point had a keyboard/trumpet/cowbell/vocalist…

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coyote logo salt lake city utah

Fred Coyote

Mr. Coyote is more than an author; he’s a brand. The playful trickster is as important to his message as…

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massage body work logo salt lake city utah


Massage and body work. In addition to the round logo mark, I concocted the lettering style to further promote the…

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Santa Claus salt lake city utah

Santa Claus

A skinnier-than-you’d-expect guy was seeking a look with a cooler, more adult feel. I’m not sure if he was the…

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