Working with Jim Hayes over the past several years has been excellent. He does a great job of taking an idea and turning it into a wonderful finished product, nearly always on very tight deadline. He couldn’t be more reliable and easy to work with.

Kristy Maple, Marketing Director, MagicSpace Entertainment


Jim has more amazing talents than necessary. I know I can count on him not only for quick turnarounds and deadlines, but taking the time to mock up multiple ideas that I may not have thought of initially, in order to get the right “vibe” for the piece. His communication is efficient and very timely. The Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City has used him for years, and I can’t imagine why we ever wouldn’t.

Ann Bangerter, Director of Sales & Marketing, Hotel Monaco, Salt Lake City


I’ve worked with Jim for 15 years and always think of him first for my graphic design needs. Whether it’s a simple flyer or ad or a complete branding package, Jim provides designs that are both elegant and efficient. I appreciate that he truly listens to my needs and strives to meet each project’s goal, whether it’s to attract eyeballs or spark action.

Kathleen Murphy, Marketing and PR Director


I have worked with Jim Hayes for over twenty years on projects including logos, pamphlets, newsletters, books, advertising, and marketing. You will not find anywhere a more creative, helpful, reliable and fairly-priced graphic designer. Jim is a pleasure to work with.

Dave Hall Artist, Author, Non-profit Director


String Beads has worked with Cenozoic Design (now Ha! Yes!) since our inception in 1993. During this time, Jim has assisted and helped guide our efforts in the promotion and presentation of the businesses. Cenozoic provided creative design work for various projects, as well as production orientated assistance with quarterly newsletters, postcards for classes and packaging. All work was completed on a timely basis at an outstanding level of quality. His facilities and state of the art equipment enabled us to be competitive. We are very appreciative of his efforts.

Bob Ihle, Owner, String Beads


Jim Hayes is the ultimate example of someone uncovering his true passion and reason for being on this planet. Jim is doing PRECISELY what he should be doing. His flair for grasping intimate details and only half-communicated concepts and concocting amazingly relevant, forward-thinking masterpieces of creativity is uncanny. I remain in awe that Jim can employ far-out-of-the-sphere thinking and, yet, develop results that are unexpectedly professional and appropriate for sophisticated audiences. (He doesn’t use cutesy-ness just to prove his bizarre thought patterns.) Jim’s work is on-target, he makes the process fun, and the bonus is that he’s a good guy!

Ron Baron, Marketing Giant, Public Speaker


I am truly pleased to write a recommendation for Jim. Working with Jim on behalf of mutual clients and being in observance of Jim as he serves others is a real pleasure. Jim’s presence and work bring a real sense of stability to a team, project, or client. Jim is like that wise old owl that is perched in observation from a “higher view” that always seems to bring the needed, or sought after, perspective, insight, and wisdom. Jim is creative, well-rounded, personable, likeable, intelligent, experienced, incredibly talented, and very witty. His blend of wisdom and creativity in the form of saying or creating something that is both sage and funny at the same time is truly unique. Jim has both an innate and a trained eye for design, copy, appeal, functionality, and more. He is generous with his time and passionate about creating the “right stuff” for those he serves. My experience of Jim is that he truly cares about his craft and his clients and is naturally driven by his years of experience to be solution oriented and “client friendly.” I enjoy partnering with Jim to serve mutual clients and highly recommend him.

Jay W. Taylor, J.D.


Eden Wellness Institute gave Jim Hayes an ugly sow’s ear. Jim gave us a beautiful silk purse. Razor-sharp editing, graphics, photos, and a color scheme that conveyed and enhanced the message going to 220,000 homes and businesses in Salt Lake County. Personable and accomodating, quick to respond to change requests, Jim produced a work of art that demands to be read thoroughly by anyone who picks it up.

D.W. Crosby
About Ha! Yes! Design

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